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Second Chance Cavy Rescue; San Antonio Guinea Pig Rescue

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Did you know that socialized guinea pigs come when you call them, like dogs? That they purr when they are content, like cats? And that they love to snooze under your chin (so they make FANTASTIC therapy pets)?! Second Chance Cavy Rescue is a one-of-a-kind, non-profit organization here in San Antonio, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of abandoned guinea pigs in South Central Texas. We have re-homed over 1000 piggies since 2012. Currently (Jan 2020), we are a foster-based program, as we vacated our facility at the end of January and have yet to find a new one. We are always in search of foster families to help house a pair of same-sex, matched guinea pigs! You will be provided pellets, hay, water bottle, food dish and cage. All you provide is one cup fresh veggies a day and love! This helps the piggies become socialized and used to being handled. Think this might be your thing? Please check out our Facebook page for daily updates, visit, or contact us directly at And remember, KEEP CALM AND PIGGIE ON! Thank you!
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Location: San Antonio, TX 78212