San Antonio - Gymnastics Compeition

(Cancelled) was Sunday, April 5th, 2020 from 12:00pm to 5:30pm (CT)
This event has been cancelled.


When you ask someone for a flip flop and they don't throw a sandal at you, you know you've got a gymnast, and these Athletes are hardcore.
If you, like them, don't think of a vault where you keep your money, then you need to come join them for our area gymnastics competition. 

Even if you're not (I find myself psychying myself up even to get out of a comfy chair these days), you should come along and join in the excitement! 

Support all our gymnastic Athletes in a variety of pursuits, and take part in:

Setting up the event (no equipment, no event, so you're a huge help!)
Scoring/timekeeping/other logistics admin
Cheering on the athletes
Staging and guidance to the correct areas

You'll be on your feed all day, so wear comfy shoes and appropriate clothes for an air conditioned gym.
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