Repackage Diapers at the Texas Diaper Bank

Open Opportunity



Thank you for choosing to signup to volunteer with us!

Although this website states open opportunity, you must sign up for events using the link below, in order to attend any of our events:

We have events open during the week Tues-Sat. All shifts available and information about activities during event, are listed on the website above. 

Our facility is climate controlled, we play music while you work, and if you don't like our music, feel free to bring your own headphones while you work! 

The Texas Diaper Bank is a fun and well organized volunteer event! If you cannot stay for the entire 3 hr event, please sign up for the event and send a separate email stating the time you are available. Thank you!

Very Respectfully,

Simonne Potts
Volunteer Coordinator

Note: Students, you cannot show up earlier or past the event times listed on our site.
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Age Limit
12 and up
Parking Details
PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE FRONT OF BUILDING, FRONT PARKING IS FOR STAFF AND CLIENTS ONLY. Please park in the back of the building across from Bay 13. Door to the right of Bay 13 will open 5-10 minutes before event starts.
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