SAMMinistries is an interfaith ministry whose mission is to help the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless attain self-sufficiency by offering, with dignity and compassion, shelter, housing, and services. SAMMinistries also provides volunteers opportunities to be renewed and fulfilled as they serve.

During a cold winter morning in 1981, the problems of the homeless were brought into stark perspective for the members of First Presbyterian Church in downtown San Antonio. A homeless man, frozen to death, was found on the church grounds. In response, volunteers started a ministry in the church gymnasium to shelter and care for the growing number of homeless individuals. By 1983 this program, having gained financial assistance of several downtown churches, was incorporated by 11 downtown congregations into San Antonio Metropolitan Ministry, Inc. (SAMMinistries).

Today SAMMinistries has a staff of more than 100 and is supported by thousands of volunteers who help families and individuals throughout San Antonio on their path to self-sufficiency. At SAMMinistries, it’s our goal to meet each person where they are. That is why our Continuum of Care model is so effective. We asses each individual or family and find the way in which we can best meet their needs.

How to Volunteer: 

  • Fill out a one time application here!
  • Attend an orientation with our new self guided orientation and site visit. 
  • Once the above steps are completed, SAMMinistries will run a background check (if volunteers are 18 years of age or older)
    • Upon successful completion of the background check, volunteers will be able to join the group of the specified location of volunteering and sign up for any open shifts. 

Volunteer Opportunities
Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:30p.m. 
Please reach out if you are looking to volunteer outside this time frame.

We Welcome:
Volunteers of all ages!

    •  Volunteers aged 14-15 years can volunteer independently except in the Children’s Enrichment Center
      • Any volunteer under the age of 14 will be required to attend volunteer assignments with a parent or guardian aged 18 or older who has completed a volunteer application, orientation, site visit, and background check.
    • Volunteers aged 16 years and over can volunteer independently including in the Children's Enrichment Center
    • Volunteers aged 18 years and over will be required to pass a background check

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