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At Embrace Hospice, we are constantly inspired by the stories of life, love, hope, loss and faith that our patients and their families share with us. As they welcome Embrace Hospice into their lives, their story becomes our story. And a vital part of the story of so many of the patients and families Embrace Hospice cares for is the role of our hospice volunteers.

Hospice volunteers help provide patients and families with compassionate care and support during the end-of-life process. The level of personal connection and support that volunteers provide allows for a greater level of end-of-life care satisfaction for patients receiving hospice care. The value of hospice volunteers cannot be overstated. Volunteers are commonly perceived by hospice patients and families as ordinary members of their local community. This relationship provides a feeling of normality for patients, as well as patients' families and friends. Volunteers often connect with patients on a deep, personal level, which provides the hospice care team with valuable insights concerning the overall impact of the level of comfort and care that is provided.

Volunteer or Intern
19 People | 28 Impacts | 223 Hours