RowdyVOTES Community of Practice

Welcome to the RowdyVOTES Community of Practice. Topics include on-campus voter registration efforts, nonpartisan democratic engagement events, and opportunities for students/faculty/staff/community partners to get involved with campus civic action planning.


Join our nonpartisan RowdyVOTES community of practice that is dedicated to increasing democratic engagement and voter turnout by learning together and working together throughout the year. 

We're asking you to register and then pledge to vote in the upcoming election. Not registered to vote? We can help you out!

We'll also send you important information about the election, including information on the new Texas voter ID law, how to request and submit a mail in ballot, and the resources available to you as we draw closer to election day.

As students, our age group represents 25% of Texans that are eligible to vote.

Sign up to stay in the loop on upcoming events to Pledge and Register  to Vote!

80 People | 25 Impacts | 39 Hours

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Howdy, everyone!! Posting this test message here to see if UTSA Engaged notifies you whenever one of us posts here. Feel free to drop a 🗳 (ballot box emoji) if you see this!