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Our goal is to provide a community that empowers our participants in personal development, solid character formation, community service, and post-high school dedication. The youth in our area need a safe and loving place to spend their time outside of school. At Peace Pals youth come and do their homework, make great friends, and receive the developmental support they need to thrive. 100% of youth who have stayed in our program have graduated from high school with University or career plans. The more youth we are able to impact, the closer we get to ending the cycle of poverty one family at a time.

Thank you for checking out our page! As of right now, House of Teens is no longer active. Peace Pals is now run under a different organization; House of Neighborly Service. If you would like to volunteer with Peace Pals, please click over to our Givepulse page. 

Sustainable Development Goals
244 People | 608 Impacts | 1,352 Hours