The Peer Mentor Association


The Peer Mentor Association is a group dedicated to connecting the AIS/UPM peer mentors together through info meetings, socials, volunteer work, fundraising and more. We offer great resources for our members, such as scholarship opportunities, involvement work, co-ed intramural sports teams, graduation stoles, and interview/resume help. Our purpose is to give the mentors, who have worked hard for the past and future incoming freshmen, something for them to enjoy, take part in, and take advantage of. The PMA understands that mentors deserve to be recognized and deserve to have the opportunity to have a mentor of their own as they continue to do what they love best. Our association has expanded within this past semester and really hopes to continue to expand in the future to not only AIS/UPM peer mentors, but also to the other mentors on campus such as the PIVOT mentors, the Honors Coaches, the UTSA Library peer coaches, and more!
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