St. Phocas Garden


The St. Phocas Community garden provides food for the Guadalupe Community Center, and is a reservoir of nature in the West Side of San Antonio. 

Volunteers are always welcome in the Community Garden which, in the truest sense, is there to serve the community. There are always jobs among the flower beds and vegetable patches; from weeding and sowing, to watering and pruning. 

The St. Phocas garden, named after the patron saint of gardening, benefits three days a week from the assistance of our very own Master Gardener, Jennifer Sierra. We ask that volunteers attend the garden at a time she is there for at least their first few visits (Currently the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). 

All food harvested from the St. Phocas garden helps serve the food pantry in the Guadalupe Community Center. 

Donations of plants and seeds are always welcome!

Please register for the St. Phocas Garden on GivePulse and, whenever you attend, log your hours - every hour logged is helpful and directly impacts the funding of the site. Thank you!
Anyone interested in volunteering must follow the steps below. Please allow ten business days for processing your volunteer application.

STEP ONE: Volunteers 18 and older must create an account and complete a Criminal Background Check according to the Volunteer Policy of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

STEP TWO: Please complete the require two-hour, three-part training provided in the confirmation email.

STEP THREE: When you receive confirmation that you are approved to volunteer, you can search and register for volunteer opportunities.

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