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Thank you for visiting Service-Learning at Concordia University Texas! We have many opportunities for you to get involved with and we are excited that you are considering serving with us! Please be sure to log in with your email address/create an account before registering for an event so that you can be approved.


An integral part of the mission of Concordia University Texas is to empower students to live lives of compassionate action.  The Service-Learning Program at Concordia supports this mission by providing students with opportunities to serve their community and to reflect on that service.  As members of the Concordia community, we strive to be "neighbors serving neighbors" in our local community and beyond.

Through the CTX Food Pantry, run by the Service-Learning Program, those within the CTX community are also able to support one another right here on campus.  Donation bins are located on campus (1st floor of Bldg C and in Bldg F, outside Room 201), and people may also donate through an Amazon wish list.  Students may place food orders from the CTX Food Pantry anytime each week from noon on Sunday through noon on Thursday. When you place an order, you'll create an identification code.  In the week that you place an order, the food bags will first be available for pick up on Fridays between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Right now, the temporary pick up location is at the Tornado Print and Mail, which you access through the side entrance of the Library (Bldg F).  We cannot use F-201 for pickups due to the storm damage to parts of the Library.  When you go to the side door of the library, there is a small room when you first enter before the second set of doors.  In that room, there will be a cart with the food bags labeled with codes, and you will get your bags.  If you ordered bread, it will be in a cooler next to the food packages. The milk we provide doesn't need to be refrigerated until opened.  NOTE: This new location and time is a change and will only last until the repairs in the building are finished and we can safely use F-201 once again.  If you are unable to pick up your food packages on the Friday of the week you order, you can get them the next week at any day/time that Tornado Print & Mail is open (7:30-4:00, M-F). 

Those students who want to serve on a regular basis and connect with other service-focused students are invited to join our Leaders with Impact group.  The Service-Learning Program also provides opportunities for members of our campus community to engage in justice-focused service-learning through the newly-formed CTX Advocacy Network where individuals work together to promote social change.  

This fall semester, join us as we are Still Serving Safely!  In order to keep all those involved in service safe, many service opportunities will be virtual.  We will continue our Stewardship Service events held on outdoors on campus and will serve in person in a limited capacity and with clear safety measures.
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