Equestrian Bridges

Thank you for choosing Equestrian Bridges as your opportunity to create a positive impact on children,adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum or with behavioral challenges. We have several opportunities available that are flexible with your schedule. Please contact Jamie at equestrianbridgestherapy@gmail.com if you have any questions to to set up a time to come to the barn!


Our Vision at Equestrian Bridges is to change the face of mental health for children and their families with Equine Assisted Actives and Therapies here in Washington County, Northwest Arkansas. We empower children and youth considered to be at risk for social, behavioral or academic delays with the tools to develop emotional, mental and physical fitness using Natural Horsemanship doing Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies. At Equestrian Bridges, we believe that in order for success to be achieved, an individual must be confident and be empowered utilizing the highest standards in quality. Quality includes health and safety for horse and human, a research-based curriculum, and individualized goals. The goal of this program is to empower children and youth of varying abilities using the horse to facilitate social and communication skills. The philosophy is based on research related to children with significant non-communicative behavior. We believe that in order to achieve success, we must work on the child's level, set reasonable goals, and provide motivation through encouragement and support. The Bridges team also believes that in order for learning to transfer to various settings, the goals should come from individualized plans and include teachers, therapists and parents whenever possible.
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