The Center - Pride Center San Antonio



The Center - Pride Center San Antonio serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIV communities by connecting them and their families to community resources and organizations related to health, wellness, support, education, activities, and advocacy.
Sustainable Development Goals
1,071 People | 364 Impacts | 1,517 Hours | 38,156 Total Economic Impact




My name is Jody Hudspeth, and I am an elder law paralegal for the Law Offices of Carol Bertsch. We help families and individuals prepare for the death and mental incapacity of loved ones. Our firm believes in social justice and we have a heart for serving the the LGBTQ community. We'd be happy to serve as a legal resource for any elder law issues you may have. We work with a lot of social workers, hospice workers, and other attorneys to problem solve issues as they relate to elder law. I'd like tour your facility, and I'd like to take Rev. Naomi Brown out to lunch. I'd like to serve as a volunteer in whatever way I could be most useful. Please call me at your convenience at (210)892-4555.