Volunteers in Education (VIE) for Texas at KIPP and IDEA San Antonio Schools



The mission of Volunteers in Education for Texas is to provide free, individualized tutoring to students from under-served communities who are years behind grade level. We help the students to rapidly catch up and then excel in developing the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to graduate from college, lead in their communities, and command their future. We help achieve the mission of KIPP San Antonio and IDEA San Antonio schools. We work with the teachers on the schools’ diagnostics of each child’s starting point at the beginning of each year. Then we work with the teachers to develop an individualized, high-expectations goal for each child who is behind grade level and the tutoring and technology resources that are needed to help achieve this goal. The comprehensive diagnostics that are used go far beyond general grade level assessment by identifying each gap in each part of the child’s total body of skills and knowledge. We then develop an individualized goal and achievement plan for each student who is behind grade level with ongoing formative assessments of the progress. The tutors are well trained in helping the students and also use very good educational technology tools to provide the individualized, person-to-person approach to first close the gaps and then help the child to quickly progress. In general, each behind-grade-level child is asked to come to one hour of tutoring per week for each grade level they are behind, so many children come to 2, 3, or more hours of tutoring per week. We review each child’s progress at least weekly, and often daily, to be able to provide intervention before the child gets frustrated or starts to work ineffectively. As shown in the following graphs, extensive data shows that the students who participate in our tutoring program learn 2 to 3 times as much in number and proficiency of skills as the students who only go to class for the school year. We also provide incentive classes in coding and robotics for the students as they get close to and achieve grade level. The first graph shows how far behind grade level each student was at the beginning of the school year, when they first started at KIPP. The second graph shows the increase in number and proficiency of skills over the school year from a combination of KIPP regular schooling and supplemental, individualized tutoring. The third graph shows how much more the students in tutoring progressed than those with little or no tutoring. We are all volunteers, with no compensated employees. We have never solicited or accepted any financial contributions, only time to help children. We previously did not file for a 501 (c) 3 because we did not want to appear to complete for funding with the schools at which we work. We historically provided about 90 tutors weekly to one grade level in one school. Due to the speed and magnitude of the children’s improvements with tutoring to date, the schools have asked us to provide tutors to 3 schools and 4 grade levels, which will dramatically increase the number of tutors required. We are now in the 501 (c) 3 process because it will be necessary to help the much higher number of students.
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