Inspire Greater Potential Community of Practice

Welcome to Inspire Greater Potential's Community of Practice! If you have an idea of how to help UTSA students with disabilities thrive on campus, or if there's a conversation you'd like to amplify, please message us with your inquiries.


Inspire Greater Potential is a student-led group focused on spotlighting the lived experience of young scholars and professionals living with disabilities.

Inspire Greater Potential aims to increase awareness and allyship between the disabled and abled communities. Additional goals include establishing a peer-mentorship program to support K-12 students with disabilities to achieve their educational and professional goals.

Sustainable Development Goals
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It's the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act! How should the Roadrunner community celebrate?
Sharing a UTSA Today article that highlights the graduate work that co-founder of Inspire Greater Potential, Devante, is doing for Project BEAMS under UTSA's College for Health, Community, and Policy. Way to continue the community-engaged work, Devante! 👏🏽!! Read more at