AVANCE-San Antonio, Inc.



MISSION STATEMENT: AVANCE unlocks America's potential by strengthening families in at-risk communities through effective parent education and support programs. VISION STATEMENT: We envision a future where we live in a world where children and parents advance to their full potential, transforming the communities in which we live. AVANCE Model of Services begins with parents and their infants or young children under the age of three. It reaches out to create strong families by offering parent education, social support, adult basic and higher education, early childhood education, youth programs, personal development, and community empowerment. Services are inter-related, family centered and preventive in nature. The AVANCE Model of Services is integrated into all aspects of home, school, and community life. AVANCE services are both center and home based. Serve over 4,000 parents, caretakers and their children annually!
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