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     Boys Town Texas has been serving children and families of the Lone Star State through a wide variety of programs since opening its doors in 1989. Our Foster Family Services help children who have been removed from their homes and placed with Boys Town Texas Foster Parents in our campus homes or in the community, where they are loved, cared for and given opportunities to succeed. Our In-Home Family Services program intervenes with families before children are harmed or have to be removed from their home. Trained Family Consultants work with parents and other family members right in their homes to promote safety; improve parenting skills and identify community resources and support. Children and families also receive help and healing through our Common Sense Parenting Program.  Both programs, In-Home Family Services and Common Sense Parenting classes, help parents and guardians deal with children’s behavior problems by minimizing family disruptions and building strong, healthy relationships.  Through compassionate, research-proven care, Boys Town Texas touches the lives of 81,000 people every year, including more than 800 children and families who receive direct care.
     Boys Town is a beacon of hope for America’s children and families through its life-changing youth care and health care programs. Now more than 98 years strong, Boys Town provides the right services at the right time based on the individual needs of a child or family. Our unique Integrated Continuum of Care® is a tightly linked spectrum of services that allows children and families to enter Boys Town’s care at any level and move to other levels based on their progress and needs. Boys Town is the only child and family organization that offers a wide variety of services with overarching spiritual and educational values, along with medical care and care coordination for the children and families we serve.

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