Fiesta Especial



Fiesta Especial is an educational outreach program of Reaching Maximum Independence, Inc.  The Fiesta Especial® programs create inclusive and educational experiences engaging children and adults with disabilities in the culture and celebrations of Fiesta® through community instruction & training. 

The Fiesta Especial programs include:
  • Fiesta Especial Royal Court
  • Royal Court Appearance Workshop
  • Royal Court Coronation
  • Family Fiestaval
  • Royalty Run 5K & Parade
  • Celebration Day
  • Royal Court Campaign Workshop

Individuals are needed to volunteer at our events as well as our planning committees. 

One-time and long-term volunteers and has opportunities on a daily, weekly, monthly and one-time event-centered basis.  Volunteers can serve in the office, program and special event capacities.
71 People | 22 Impacts | 111 Hours