The University of Texas at San Antonio

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Gina Amatangelo

Public AdministrationPublic Policy210.000

Noah Almanza

Public AdministrationPublic Policy4916.509

Sara DeTurk

HN (Admin Unit)Honors College155.003

August Allo

COE/EGR/ASC (Admin Unit)Engineering50.000

August Allo

COE/EGR/ASC (Admin Unit)Engineering20.000

Catherine Nolan-Ferrell

HistoryLiberal and Fine Arts2214.283

August Allo

COE/EGR/ASC (Admin Unit)Engineering100.000

August Allo

COE/EGR/ASC (Admin Unit)Engineering10.000

Melanie Webb

University CollegeUniversity College2495.5030

Brian Laub

Environmental Sci & EcologySciences190.000