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St. Stephen's CARE Center

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Williston Symonds

For this role I volunteered with the Women’s Final Four at the convention center. I was a practice assistant and this role really just consisted of setting up the practice courts for each team to use the space. They rotated every 90 minutes and we would bring them new basketballs, waters, gatorades, protein shakes, and coolers with ice. We also would remove the last team’s practice gear and sanitize everything. This was a unique experience as this was in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic and part of the “bubble” that is the NCAA tournament. We were not allowed to be within 20 feet of anyone involved in the tournament and so we did most of our work behind the scenes. We also took extreme sanitation measures like cleaning off individual gatorades and waters and wiping down all surfaces and coolers between use. While it was not a “critical” game operation I did feel happy to know I was playing a part in the success of the tournament and also keeping everyone safe with our sanitation measures. This was a great opportunity to be an ambassador for the city of San Antonio and provide top resources and experience for all the teams as they practice for their tournament games.

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Mason Fraser