UTSA Volunteer Services

Rachel Li
Leslie Baez
Madeline Morales

Essential workers are keeping America alive and healthy. They are paying the costs of everyone who is affected by COVID. They are especially vulnerable and burdened and I was happy to bring a little encouragement to them.

Gave 1.00 hour on 12/15/2020 with The University of Texas at San Antonio
Emily Ellis
Ariel Ukaegbu
Ariel Ukaegbu
Sammy Chopra
Madhusudhan Sharma

For these cards, I did research by watching YouTube videos to see the lives of the people that work in COVID-19 hospitals. It shocked me how much work they are having to put up against. Writing these letters over a week gave me a lot of time to think about how important the role of non-medical people are in social distancing and limiting contact.

Gave 3.66 hours on 12/08/2020 with The University of Texas at San Antonio
Marylin Rodriguez

This is an amazing way to give back to the healthcare workers. I would do this anytime because some honest words is the least I can do to thank our hero's.

Gave 3.35 hours on 12/07/2020 with The University of Texas at San Antonio
Karis Yun
Ariel Ukaegbu
Rachel Li