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P-20 Initiatives

Rhonda Grant
Savannah Kemberling
Steven Hermosillo
Savannah Kemberling
Walker Adams
Walker Adams

The children were quite interested in the panel's college studies. They were all bright kids and they are all hopeful of achieving college admission. I was glad to be able to shed some light on the college experience to the group.

Gave 0.75 hour on Feb 23, 2017 with University of Texas at San Antonio
Samantha Casas
Brittany Branham

I loved talking with the kids! I didn't know they had so many questions! Nothing like shaping the minds for their future.

Gave 1.00 hour on Feb 15, 2017 with American Medical Student Association (AMSA), P-20 Initiatives, Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, University of Texas at San Antonio
Savannah Kemberling

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Victoria Aidonmiyi

It was fun and also something new. Just being able to talk to these kids about what to expect was a great learning expierence

Gave 1.00 hour on Feb 7, 2017 with University of Texas at San Antonio
Faith Richards

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Savannah Kemberling
Abagail Stanfield
Isabel Gonzalez
Julieta Nelson
Emilio Elicerio
Katherin Gill
Gabrielle Castellanos