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UTSA Student Affairs

Louisa Cristadoro

Louisa @ Humane Society

The Humane Society has always been close to my heart and it was a great experience volunteering with them. I got to work with an amazing girl named Kara who helped train me and her love for animals was so heartwarming.

Gave 7.50 hours on 06/13/2019 with Campus Services
Lekita Singleton

Great staff! Very vital organization. I will definitely return to help again. Thanks for the experience.

Gave 3.00 hours on 06/12/2019 with The University of Texas at San Antonio
Aben H
Anthony Lafleur

I had the opportunity to partner with Liberty View Church by meeting the needs of the homeless that are around the community. I was blessed to donate a few of my clothing to their collection of donated goods to give to the homeless. Volunteers were helping out in many ways such as giving haircuts, giving away CD Players, washing their hair, and many more. I helped out in many ways that I could, but I distributed food majority of the time being there. I had lots of fun partnering with this organization and it was truly an humbling experience.

Gave 3.00 hours on 05/18/2019 with Registered Student Organizations, The University of Texas at San Antonio, UTSA Volunteer Services
Jaelin Williams

Gave 2.25 hours on 05/18/2019 with Business Com&Prof Development (3003) - Section 001, Service-Learning Courses, The University of Texas at San Antonio, UTSA Alumni Volunteers