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    StMU Residence Hall Association

    Boo bash allowed me to build communication skills and time management. I was able to communicate with residents. I was also able to take a leadership role. Telling others what to do, but most importantly I was able to learn from others on what was best for the hall. I was able to stay positive and I feel that it allowed be to stay calm and not stress over the event. The actual day of boo bash was amazing, but a little bit stressful. I loved seeing the kids, but it got a little bit overwhelmed when large groups arrived at the halls.

    Gave 36.00 hours between 10/21/2018 and 10/29/2018

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    This Impact is private

    This Impact is private

    Holy Rosary Catholic Church

    Today was the first day of volunteering. At first I was scared because I have never worked with middle school students before. It was a family game night. We did several of get to know each other games. We played the blanket game which had a good turn out. I helped separate the kids into two groups and they had to guess the name of the person sitting behind the blanket when the blanket was released. I was able to have fun with the youth and it reminded me of my old youth group.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 09/16/2018 with Foundations of Reflection: God (1314) - Section E1, St. Mary's University
    Locke Hill ES NISD

    Loved helping out at the school. As a future math teacher it warmed my heart and it was a pretty fun way to give back to the community.

    Gave 5.00 hours on 08/18/2018 with St. Mary's University, Foundations of Reflection: God (1314) - Section E1